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1. Detailed Needs Assessment

We conduct a thorough assessment to gain a clear understanding of performance and capability requirements, your ideal timeline, and any other relevant factors.

2. Cost Estimation

You are provided with a quote based on the results of your initial needs assessment.

3. Personalized Plan and Timeline

Upon the approval of your quote, you are provided with an overarching project plan and high-level timeline.

4. Design

If required, we will complete any mechanical component design using Solidworks mechanical design software and mathematical modeling. You will be provided with a copy of these mechanical drawings and designs for review.

5. Approval

We will only move forward with prototyping after receiving your signed approval. If any design adjustments are needed upon review, we will work with you collaboratively to make improvements and finalize details.

6. Production

The manufacturing and assembly process begins. Post-production hardware troubleshooting is also completed if required.

Typical Project Lifecycle

A general outline of our prototyping process.

Past Projects

Do you have a prototype in mind?

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