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From concept to completion

As most of our operations are covered under non-disclosure agreements, We're using an Internal Research and Development (IRAD) project as an example of what to expect in a prototyping process. Many times a concept turns out looking much different than creators originally imagine. You'll see the current prototype looks very different from the original concept, but performs almost exactly the same functions.


Mallard is an ongoing IRAD project being developed in conjunction with the Virginia-based company, SimVentions. The original Mallard concept began as a low-profile unmanned, multi-modal, modular system which could be quickly reconfigured and operated by a crew of two, using only the support equipment included in the vehicle itself. Multiple “drive pod” configurations were designed to optimize the vehicle for operations in the littoral environment, beaching operations, and land operations.​

After review of one of the service branches, the suggestion was made to fabricate the design you see on the first image in order to take advantage of ballistic composite panels, which at the time were only available as flat panels. Research and development work continues on Mallard in the form of payload integration and autonomy. In the following images, you’ll find various Concepts of Operations (CONOPs) for which the vehicle has been developed to undertake.​

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